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KF1062Antique 14 Karat Victorian Double Cameo Bar Pin. Let's talk! Two pretty female brown and white oval cameos bezel set in 14 karat rose gold frames are secured to a bar on the reverse. Safety closure marked 14K. width: 1-7/16", length: 7/8"$ 225.00photo
125815 Karat Signed Antique Victorian Hardstone Cameo. c. 1870 exquisitely executed, highly detailed, hardstone cameo brooch of left-facing female with flower and ivy in her tendrilled locks. Cameo signed in script Beccehunse; frame numbered 556/12. Etruscan work on mounting with granulation and applied shell motif. width: 1-1/2", height: 2-1/4"$ 1250.00photo
SK42303Antique Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch of Zeus, King of the Gods. This incredibly handsome pensive portrait of Zeus is impeccably carved from sardonyx shell in exquisite detail with clearly incised masculine features framed by his flowing curled hair and beard and crowned with a laurel wreath. The cameo is in a rose gold-filled bezel surrounded by a yellow woven gold-filled frame and retains its original c-hook and trombone clasp. [There are three stress fractures to the right of the profile. They do not penetrate the front of the shell. In addition to the photos visible by clicking on the top thumbnail which show the true color of the cameo and frame, the photos shown by clicking on the bottom thumbnail were taken with a light source directly on the reverse of the cameo to show just where the stress fractures are. The cameo is totally wearable as is.] Marked on reverse with the Roman numeral XII. I am unsure which century they may be referencing to since I think the cameo pre-dates 1912. width: 1-5/16", height: 1-5/8"$ 345.00Zeus cameo

Zeus cameo
82164Hand Painted Portrait on Porcelain. c. 1950's female portrait on porcelain in a 14 karat surround with an attached twisted rope design flanked on either side with genuine pearls, topped with a filligree design set with five sapphires and an additional three sapphires at the bottom. [There is a chip out of the top center-left sapphire.] width: 1-3/8", height: 1-7/8"    back view$ 550.00photo
83103Rare 14 Karat Rose Gold Antique Cameo Stick Pin of Ajax, Greek Warrior-King, Hero of the Trojan War. An early 19th century carved hardstone cameo depicting the warrior-king Ajax set in a 14 karat (tests) rose gold frame mounted as a stick pin. The cameo displays the bust of Ajax facing left. Ajax is portrayed wearing a masked helmet over his long curling hair. His profile is pure Classical Greek; his neck is strong and muscular, his eyes are lidded, and he sports a densely-curled beard. He wears a toga clasped at the shoulder. Ajax was considered the second greatest warrior after Achilles (his cousin), and was the one who carried the hero's dead body back to the camp while Odysseus held the Trojans back. Ajax was one of the top fighters in the legendary Greek army that besieged Troy to win back the abducted queen of Sparta, Helen. Described in Homer's "Iliad" as a towering hero protected by a huge shield, Ajax killed himself after a quarrel with other Greek leaders when he was denied the honor of the armor of the dead Achilles. In perfect condition. book piece[See Illustrated on plate 90 in Michele Rowan's "19th Century Cameos".] top: width: 13/16", height: 1-1/16"; total length: 3-3/8"    side views,  top & bottom,  back$ SOLDphoto

14 Karat Rose Gold Cameo Stick Pin of Ajax
AAC26219Antique Edwardian Shell Cameo en Habillé of Flora 14 Karat White Gold. Exquisite large finely carved carnelian shell cameo of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers and the season of Spring. This "mistress of the flowers" symbolizes new life, spring, regeneration and hope. And the carver portrayed her beautifully with delicate features and flowers in relief in her beautifully wavy hair, on her shoulder and at her bosom. Delicate and detailed and wearing a 2mm diamond centered in a heart. She is bezel set in an equally gorgeous 14 karat white gold frame with an arched-shaped top. width: 1-3/4", height: 2".   other view,   other view,   bottom$ SOLDAntique Edwardian Shell Cameo en Habille of Flora 14 Karat White Gold

back view
TA128114 Karat Antique Shell Cameo Brooch. This gorgeous, highly-detailed c. 1900 shell cameo is a rendition of Ceres with sheathes of wheat in her hair and a trio of roses at the base of her upswept hair and a single rose on her left shoulder. She is bezel set in a 14 karat yellow gold beaded-edged octagonal frame with a simple period engraved design. length 1-5/16", width: 1-3/16"$ SOLDphoto

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