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KB71171Vintage Retro Emerald Green Flower Brooch Rose Gold Pin. Three ribboned streamers overlapping an arc of eight paste set clear round rhinestones are tied with a filigree fan-shaped "bow" overlapped by two flower stems. Protruding from the top of the bow are three stems of flowers. All "flowers" have unfoiled, open-back, pronged in oval faceted emerald green rhinestones and are topped with a cluster of three round paste set rhinestones. Rose gold plated metal. width: 2-3/8", height: 1-1/4".   other view,   back view$ 38.00Vintage Green Retro Flower Brooch
715065c. 1950's MOP Sterling Pin. Intricate sterling silver wire work with an undulating border is mounted on a solid backing and forms the border for the Mother of Pearl centerpiece with a five-sided star and cutouts in the form of butterflies. Marked STERLING on reverse. diameter: 1-1/4"$ 32.00photo
EK8610c. 1950's Light Sapphire Rhinestone Brooch. Sparkly light sapphire blue round rhinestones are the predominant color in this c. 1950's open-work silver-tone circular brooch with a few pale blue rhinestones scattered in the inner ring. All stones prongedin. diameter: 1-1/2"$ 32.00photo
EK308c. 1950's Gold-tone Rhinestone Leaf Brooch. Large c. 1950's gold-tone leaf brooch with cream-colored painted smaller leaves and larger leaves filled with light and dark sapphire blue pronged-in rhinestones. [There is slight loss of paint to two leaf edges.] width: 2-1/2", height: 1-3/4"$ 27.00photo
AA44865Spanish Galleon Sailing Ship. Neat rendition of the Santa Maria, one of Columbus's sailing ships on his journey to the new world. This c. 1930's Spanish galleon is brass colored and sails on a green enameled sea. length: 1-7/8", width: 1-5/16"$ 35.00photo
51508Vintage Rose Gold-Plated Floral Pendant Necklace. Vintage gold-plated openwork leaf pendant with pavé set flower centers ending with an unfoiled clear tear-drop shaped rhinestone on a gold-tone chain. chain: length: 18"; pendant: width: 1", length: 7-3/4"$ 35.00photo
NN811Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace. Precious MOP two-sided pendant with a single large cherubic figure on one side and two smaller identical figures on the reverse. [One side of the disc is yellower than the other which is natural to the piece. It is not discolored.] Gold filled chain is marked Danecraft 1/20 12 KT G.T. chain length: 24-1/2"; pendant: diameter: 1-1/2"$ 65.00photo
AA4411231950's Choker/Necklace. Great sparkle and style is this flexible link silver-tone choker/necklace with a super elongated drop set with vibrant clear tear-drop, round and baguette rhinestones. All stones pronged in. total length: 15"; drop: height: 2", width: 1-3/8"$ 47.00photo
373731970's Choker Necklace. Five rows of clear round rhinestones are the base of this choker necklace with loops of five rhinestones forming the end "caps" in sections of three rhinestones that alternate with a single row of rhinestones along the length of this flexible link choker with an adjustable length so it can be worn tight against the neck or allowed to lay on the collar bone. length: 14-3/4", width: 1-3/8"$ 58.00photo
37280c. 1950's Chevron Shaped Choker/Necklace. Vibrant purple-blue baguettes outline the rigid centerpiece of this clear round rhinestone flexible link choker necklace. Fold-over clasp; silver-tone findings. All stones pronged in. length: 15-1/2"; centerpiece: length: 1-1/2", width: 1-1/2"$ 38.00photo
AAC18713Vintage Koi Fish Pendant Necklace. No need to go fishing! Koi on board. Large silly celery jade figural pendant of a Koi fish intertwined in a coral branch. Carved scales and fins. 1/20 12 Karat gold filled chain. chain length: 24"; fish pendant: length: 2-3/4", width:2"$ 68.00Vintage Koi Fish Pendant Necklace
41800Vintage 8 mm Glass Pearl Necklace c. 1950s. Super single strand of shimmering simulated pearls with a creamy white color to the individually knotted 8 mm glass rounds. A gold-plated embossed floral closure is set with an identical faux pearl. The back of the closure is a mirror image of the front. These are fantastic and look so real, even better than real, on! Simply stunning. length: 29-1/2", width: 8 mm. Long enough to wear doubled or knotted as pictured.   doubled,   knotted$ SOLDVintage 8 mm Glass Pearl Necklace

31885Vintage Open Heart Pin. $ SOLDphoto

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