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HA4450314 Karat Late Victorian Lion's Head Stick Pin. Great detailing in this fabulous classic Beaux Arts lion's head stick pin from the turn of the century in 14k yellow gold with a diamond in his mouth and ruby eyes. head: width: 7/16", length: 7/16"; total length: 2-1/4"$ 150.00photo
KB514314 Karat with Seed Pearls Stick Pin. Beautiful c. 1890 late Victorian 14 karat yellow gold stick pin with ribboned top set with four seed pearls. All but nib tests 14 karat. total length: 1-1/4"; top: length: 1/2", width: 1/2"$ 125.00photo
RF1630414 Karat with Seed Pearls Stick Pin. Pretty late Victorian 14 karat yellow gold stick pin with the head in the shape of a star set with seed pearls. The star was a very popular motif on both sides of the Atlantic in the 19th century. head: diameter: 3/8"; length: 2-1/8"$ 95.00photo
RF1630214 Karat with Tooth Pearl Stick Pin. Beautiful late Victorian 14 karat scarf pin/stick pin with beautiful engraved scroll work holding a wonderful "tooth:"pearl. head: width: 5/16", length: 11/16"; overall length: 2-5/16"$ 95.00photo
KB514114 Karat with Diamond Stick Pin. 1890 to 1900 late Victorian 14K+ (tests) stick pin with engraved six-sided star set with diamond. total length: 3"; top: diameter: 1/2"$ 95.00photo
140052Gold-filled Horse Shoe and Snake Stick Pin. You'll be a dead ringer for good luck with this wonderful Victorian scarf pin/stick pin and doubley so. This c. 1890 gold over brass horseshoe, a symbol of good luck in Victorian times, has an applied Mother of Pearl crescent set with brilliant (faded) and is entwined with a serpent, another Victorian motif symbolizing good luck. width: 3/4", length: 2"$ 48.00photo
RF16303Gold-filled Flower Head Stick Pin. c. 1900's gold-filled floral stick pin with tooth pearl stamen. head: width: 1/2", length: 9/16"; total length: 2-5/8"$ 48.00photo
140059Gold-filled Baroque Pearl Stick Pin. 1890 to 1910 gold-filled stickpin with genuine baroque pearl. head: width: 5/16", length: 3/8"; total length: 2-3/4"$ 58.00photo
14005110 Karat with Peridot Art Nouveau Stick Pin. c. 1900 Art Nouveau 10 karat yellow gold scarf pin/stick pin with diamond-shaped peridot. Marked 10K on shaft. length: 2-3/8", width: 3/8"$ 62.00photo
HA4450414 Karat Edwardian Stick Pin. A diamond sits in the hollow of the arc between the tapered sides of this gorgeous 14 karat (tests) rose gold stick pin thta are set with three graduated half pearls. Secured to this is an openwork rectangle topped with a bezel set amethyst and ending with a center stud. head: width: 3/8", length: 11/16"; total length: 2-3/8"$ 155.00photo
14005514 Karat with Blister Pearl Stick Pin. c. 1910 soft grey blister pearl bezel set stick pin in 14 karat yellow gold (tests). [Slight fracture (natural) to pearl.] chain: length: 2-5/8"; diameter: 3/8"$ 72.00photo
83103Rare 14 Karat Rose Gold Cameo Stick Pin of Ajax, Greek Warrior-King, Hero of the Trojan War. An early 19th century carved hardstone cameo depicting the warrior-king Ajax set in a 14 karat (tests) rose gold frame mounted as a stick pin. The cameo displays the bust of Ajax facing left. Ajax is portrayed wearing a masked helmet over his long curling hair. His profile is pure Classical Greek; his neck is strong and muscular, his eyes are lidded, and he sports a densely-curled beard. He wears a toga clasped at the shoulder. Ajax was considered the second greates warrior after Achilles (his cousin), and was the one who carried the hero's dead body back to the camp while Odysseus held the Trojans back. Ajax was one of the top fighters in the legendary Greek army that besieged Troy to win back the abducted queen of Sparta, Helen. Described in Homer's "Iliad" as a towering hero protected by a huge shield, Ajax killed himself after a quarrel with other Greek leaders when he was denied the honor of the armor of the dead Achilles. In perfect condition. book piece[See Illustrated on plate 90 in Michele Rowan's "19th Century Cameos".] top: width: 13/16", height: 1-1/16"; total length: 3-3/8"    side views,  top & bottom,  back$ SOLDphoto

14 Karat Rose Gold Cameo Stick Pin of Ajax

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